What We Do

Our Services:


Black Dragon Consulting offers seminars tailored to the needs of the client, be they Corporate, Corporate Legal or Educational.

Corporate Seminars/Trainings:  

Corporations often retain trainers or consultants to address issues of diversity regarding maintenance of staff, hiring and retention.  More often than not, the results of these "diversity trainings" are negligible or wholly ineffective.  It is the premise of Black Dragon that the reason for this failure is fundamental; these trainings do not address core issues of race, racism and race relations that are historically relevant to us as Americans.  Without that knowledge, trainings often proceed in a "warm and fuzzy" vein encouraging everyone to "just get along," or "learn to tolerate difference."  This approach ignores the harsh realities of American history without discussion of which will ultimately leave staff holding onto the same prejudices and misconceptions about race with which they began.  It is quite simply, "putting the cart before the horse."   Black Dragon is not delusional nor purporting to be able to eradicate deeply engrained beliefs.  However, when the Black Dragon holds a seminar or training, the participants are required to address the difficult issues ignored by most diversity trainers.   

Educational Training:  

School districts and teachers often struggle with issues of cultural competency leading to a lack of understanding regarding students of color, particularly African-American and Latino students.  Issues relating to discipline (including gang activity), under-achievement, high drop-out rates often escalate due to the frustration experienced by educators struggling to cope.  Again, fear of addressing fundamental issues of race, lead to the festering of these issues in the darkness of ignorance.  Black Dragon shines a light on these issues, enabling educators to develop effective strategies in order to successfully facilitate the education of students of color as well as students in the majority population.  

Community Building:

Communities are often rife with conflict, frequently that conflict arises out of a long-standing enmity that exists between law enforcement and citizens of color.  This tension has at its core, historical roots arising out of oppression of persons of color by those in positions of authority.  More often than not, the "powers that be," do not even realize or recognize the depth and breadth of this problem.  Black Dragon is able to consult with municipalities, individual organizations and leaders within those organizations in order to garner a more full understanding of the racial dynamics at play.  This process leads to a more clear understanding of racial dynamics, which in turn paves the way for the development of comprehensive plans to develop effective consensus building resulting in enhanced community relations.

Expert Testimony: 

Given Anthony Haughton's extensive research and experience within the Criminal Justice System, Black Dragon offers expert testimony related to the history, impact and consequences of racial dynamics within that system and how it pertains to contemporary issues relating to case issues prior to or during trial.