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Anthony A. Haughton

Anthony A. Haughton


Rose M. Haughton

Anthony Haughton is Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant of Black Dragon Consulting, Inc. of Iowa City, Iowa.  During study at the University of Iowa he earned a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Japanese Language and Culture in 1986; a M.A. in African-American World Studies in 1999; left corrections to begin full-time study at the University of Iowa’s Ph.D. program in History in 1998 with an emphasis in American legal history specifically, the history of the “cops, courts and corrections”; a J.D. from the UI the College of Law in December 2003.  Currently researching and writing his dissertation project, “Convict Leasing in Louisiana, 1868-1901,” Tony hopes to return to teaching once the Ph.D. is completed.  

With the goal of placing the current state of race, criminal justice and law within its historical framework, Tony’s Master’s thesis entitled, “An Examination of Disparate Rates of Incarceration of African-Americans in the State of Iowa,” helped motivate the Governor of Iowa to form a task force to examine the problem of disproportionate Black incarceration in the state.  

Anthony has approximately 14 years of correctional experience having worked approximately three years as a correctional officer for the Iowa State Penitentiary and later, as a Probation/Parole Officer with the Sixth Judicial District/Department of Correctional Services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  As a P.O. Tony had an Intensive Probation caseload, was one of the Department’s Gang Monitors and Intelligence Officers as well as the first coordinator of their nationally recognized Youthful Offender Program.    

 Tony and his wife Rose formed Black Dragon Consulting in 2000 with a three-fold purpose: teaching, training and advocacy.  The current mission of Black Dragon Consulting is promotion of “Power Through Knowledge,” addressing the persistence of contentious race relations in America generally and the over representation of African-Americans in the American criminal justice industrial complex specifically.

 Admitted to the Iowa Bar in September 2004, Tony is currently an attorney in the State of Iowa, practicing law in the office of the Linn County Advocate Incorporated, of Cedar Rapids.  As a staff attorney for the LCA, Tony has represented adult indigent clients in the area of criminal defense In Linn County Iowa and now leads the Advocate’s Juvenile Division in Johnson County.  This juvenile law practice includes, but is not limited to, all facets of juvenile law; Children In Need of Assistance (CINA), Mental Health Commitments and Delinquency.